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Obama Care I need answers !!!!!!!

Posted on January 22, 2014 at 3:21 AM Comments comments (1172)
Still have many questions regarding the Affordable Care Act and how it affects you and your family. Your not the only one many of  us have many questions. The Good news is we have answers to some of those questions you have..

The health exchanges are now open, and its enrollment time don't be the one left behind. Find out now what you and your family can do today to take advantage of this Affordable Care Act.

How long do I really have to sign up for Obama care ? Well there are really 2 very important dates to keep in mind December 15, 2013 which is the date you will need to sign up if you want your coverage to begin January 1, 2014. The next very important date is February 15, 2014 this is the last day you can get coverage and avoid being liable for a penalty for not having insurance. So what is the penalty for you not having insurance ? The maximum penalty for not having insurance for the entire year is $95 or one percent of your taxable income. Either way you will be penalize so lets avoid this penalty by going to and get started in finding coverage. Or start by checking with your home care or home health provider to find out what your options are. The open enrollment period actually will run until the end of March 2014. However you may still have to pay a penalty while filing your taxes in 2015 for the 2014 year for not having coverage by the February date. 

So whats the cost of insurance and will subsides help pay for it ?
Whether you go through or maybe your state is running their own site one of the things you will find is information on cost. Plug in your estimated annual income for the year 2014 and it will give you an idea of how much of a subsidy you may be eligible for. For incomes ranging from 11, 000 and 45, 000 for an individual, and 23, 000 to 94, 000 for a family of four. You may be eligible for help with paying for you premiums. There are also various online calculators you can use including a subsidy calculator . These calculators should tell you if you might be eligible for Medicaid. Medicaid coverage are for those individuals with very low income, no income, and usually is free. 

What does the Affordable Care Act mean for seniors ? The health insurance exchange are for people under the age 65. They're not for seniors who have Medicare or Medicaid the exchanges do not see Medicare prescription drug coverage or supplemental coverage. October 15, is the start of Medicare's open season, this open season runs until December 7. During this time, Medicare patients can join or change there drug or health plans. This is not Obama Care however, so if you're a medicare patient go to for more information. If your a Texas Choice Senior and Pediatric Service client your care coordinator may have already. Or will be assisting you step by step with understanding all Medicare and Medicaid concerns you may have.

How does the Affordable Care Act work for children ? Children with complex chronic and terminal conditions who can be cared for at home. Depending on the child's parents income level can only determine how much coverage will cost or how much of a subsidy you can receive to help pay for the insurance coverage.It all depends what state your in and the income level. The Affordable Care Act will dramatically improve access to health insurance for many children. The Affordable Care Act provides the opportunity to reach many more children from all backgrounds. Children aged younger than 19 years can no longer be denied health insurance coverage because of preexisting conditions. Families can choose a pediatrician as their child's primary physician. We here at Texas Choice Senior and Pediatric Services will work with our clients to make sure you understand all benefits pertaining to your child's needs.

Will the Affordable Care Act be helpful for those veterans who have served our country ? As a veteran who has served our country. If you are enrolled in any of the VA's programs than you have coverage under the standards of the health care law. Such programs as the Veteran's health care program, Civilian Health and Medical program ( CHAMPVA), and the Spina bifida health care program. As a veteran receiving home care from Texas Choice Senior and Pediatric Services we will go over all benefits with you including assisting with getting the proper benefits for you. For more information on veteran benefits assistance you can visit for more information. 

Hopefully I was able to answer if not all but many of the important questions you have about the Affordable Care Act. Our duty here and Texas Choice Senior and Pediatric Services is to make sure all of our clients are full aware of all there benefits and any health care expectations. 

Have a happy healthy day !!!!